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Apocalypse Rising

Apocalyptic Themes In Popular Media

Apocalypse Rising At Dragon*Con
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Apocalypse Rising: Apocalyptic Themes In Popular Media

Back for a second year at Dragon*Con 2008, Apocalypse Rising offers a
contemporary look at the end of days and all that will follow. And as we
all know you can't have a good Apocalypse with out such fandoms as
Jeremiah, Jericho, The Tribe, zombies, and more! Programming all weekend
will look at apocalyptic themes in movies, television, books, and
music.....even prophecy, theology, and mythology.

If you'd like to learn more about the track, please visit us at:
Official Track Website: http://apocalypserising.dragoncon.net
Track Email: apocalypse(at)dragoncon(dot)org

We hope to see you Labor Day weekend in Atlanta... if you think you can survive.

Director: Tami
Assistant Director: Kelly
PR: Rebecca Jane